Here, we preserve the Dark Sky Reserve

It is by cooperating together that the HSF will register

in the firmament of the most beautiful dark skies of the planet!

Available tools

The Mont-Mégantic International Dark Sky Reserve was recognized in 2007 by the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA). She is the first in the world to receive this recognition. It covers the entire territory of the Haut-Saint-François RCM, the Granit RCM and the city of Sherbrooke.

In addition to starlighting and observing difficulties for astronomers, light pollution is above all a terrible waste of energy that affects the quality of life and the health of humans and animals.

The project "Preserve the reserve",

an initiative of the MRC du Haut-Saint-François


This campaign aims to make known the impacts of light pollution to the population of Haut-Saint-François. It also wishes to encourage the population to adopt outdoor lighting solutions that respect the by-law that protects the Mont-Mégantic International Dark Sky Reserve and that promote the quality of life by limiting intrusive lighting.


The RCM has set up several tools to support HSF residents in their choice of lighting: identification of compliant models and distribution of leaflets to renovators, builders and citizens. Actions to increase awareness is ongoing with hardware store owners and electricians. All these actions will allow the population to make more informed choices!


The 14 municipalities of the HSF, the Mont-Mégantic National Park, the Astrolab and the Mont-Mégantic Observatory support the MRC. The campaign also aims to work with hardware store owners and electricians to improve the availability of compliant lighting fixtures.

The booklet

The main principles of good lighting

The list of lighting fixtures according to the regulations


Other recommended lighting fixtures (INSTITUTIONAL sector):

To find information


-     You want to replace your lighting installations or install new outdoor lighting: your municipal inspector is responsible for the application of the regulation on outdoor lighting: Talk to him about your project!

-     You have questions about the project "Preserve the reserve": contact the MRC du Haut-Saint-François by email :

-     You have questions about the reserve or light pollution (Studies, references, photos, technical guides, etc.): consult the website of the reserve, it is very complete! RICEMM  :

Go further and get involved


-     You wish to organize astronomy activities in your area (schools, village festivals, thematic evenings, night hikes, etc.)

Contact us by email :

-     You want to become a member of a club of amateur astronomers and share your passion for the stars :

     > Astronomy Club of the First Dark Sky Reserve (CAPRICE)


     > Sherbrooke Amateur Astronomers Club (CAAS)


Here, for the observatory (ASTROLab) of Mont-Mégantic,

«We preserve the Dark Sky Reserve»

The Mont-Mégantic International Dark Sky Reserve has won the Dark Sky Territory of the Year - 2021 award.  This distinction underlines the commitment of our entire community to the protection of the nocturnal environment.  


Our unique territory is one of the few inhabited places on Earth where the night sky is still in its natural state. We are exceptionally fortunate to be able to observe the Milky Way and thousands of stars every night. Most human beings have never seen such spectacles and we are privileged to be able to enjoy this experience from home.